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Dansensor ISM-3 Oxygen Process Analyzer

Industrial sensor module for O2 monitoring
- Process analyzer with low maintenance demand 

The Industrial Sensor Module - Dansensor® ISM-3I - is an oxygen (O2) monitor. It measures oxygen in inert gases and CO2 and targets applications like the various types of nitrogen generators.

The O2 monitor Dansensor ISM-3I is a digitally controlled analyzer, featuring user programmable gas alarms and complete self-diagnostics with system alarms. The oxygen monitor is an extremely versatile analyzer with very low maintenance requirements and high reliability.

The O2 monitor Dansenor ISM-3I features separate sensor and display boxes with user interface for easy panel mounting. This allows for mounting of the small display unit where convenient and the sensor unit can be placed out of the way.

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Benefits of the Dansensor ISM-3 oxygen process analyzer:

  • High reliability and accuracy - better than ± 1% of reading
  • Low maintenance demand
  • Large measuring range: 1 ppm - 100%, with automatic range selection
  • Self diagnostics - monitoring of vital parameters with alarm output


Features of the Dansensor ISM-3 oxygen process analyzer:

  • 2 oxygen concentration alarms
  • Sample gas supply by gas pressure or internal pump (specific instrument versions)
  • Different set-up options for adaptation to the analyzer application
  • 0/4 - 20 mA as standard (optional: 0-10V if specified with the order)

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