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for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

People who insist on accuracy and reliability insist on Dansensor products. Our gas measurement and testing systems are used by leading Modified Atmosphere Packaging food producers worldwide for quality control and on-line quality assurance. 

Headspace analysers:
For Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Headspace analysers are used to measure the residual oxygen content in food packages, beverage bottles and pharmaceutical products. They have to be accurate and easy to use, and on both counts it’s hard to beat Dansensor’s products. Choose between our Dansensor® Optech, the portable Dansensor® CheckPoint 3, or, for an even higher level of convenience and traceability, the advanced Dansensor® CheckMate 3.

On-line quality assurance:
For Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines

Ready to move up from QC to QA — from random off-line testing to continuous on-line measurement? More and more manufacturers are and here’s why: in addition to ensuring brand integrity, on-line measurement of oxygen content also eliminates the risk of contamination when opening packages — and the cost of repackaging them again! Dansensor has the right solution for all types of food packaging machines including flow-packaging, tray-sealing and thermoforming systems.

Leak detectors:
Seal integrity testing with full documentation

Why risk spoiling retailer relations with leaky packages when it’s so easy to detect them. Dansensor has the solution whether you’re a specialty producer — the cost-efficient LeakPointer; or a volume manufacturer — the fully automatic in-line LeakMatic. Both systems use CO2 as trace gas. Dansensor invented the first CO2-based leak detector for Modified Atmosphere Packaging 15 years ago and has been helping food manufacturers keep their customers happy ever since.

Gas Mixers:
High accuracy mixers - for mixing of 2 or 3 gasses

Our MAP Mix Series gets you off to a good start by ensuring accurate gas content in each and every package during production. The system is based on a proportional mixing principle specially designed for food packaging machines. Carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen are used either in a 2- or 3-gas combination.

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