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Welcome to MOCON Europe's (Dansensor) blogpost page. On this page we aim at giving you valuable information about important MAP topics.

We not only focus on our own MAP products but also on your entire packaging line. This means that you will be able to improve your setup based on our expert knowledge and everyday experience. 
Any questions or ideas for our next blogposts? Please send us an e-mail,

18 June 2019 - Learn how the gas mixture between CO2, N2, O2 can prolong the shelf life of MAP packages and which combination of gases are the most ideal - Read more

18 October 2018 - Learn more about how food producers keep cheese, meat, coffee, fish, salad and much more fresh for a longer time - Read more

21 September 2017 - You have to think different if you want to stay ahead in today’s competitive food market. Consumers want fresh and delicious products without any additives - Read more

25 April 2017 - Do you know what it takes to make your products stay fresh for longer? And how much MAP packaging can increase the shelf life of a product? - Read more

Carbon dioxide
4 October 2016 In low concentrations CO2 is a perfectly harmless gas. But in high amounts it can be dangerous. - Read more

Water vapor
29 August 2016 - You test the bags for leaks, but you can’t find any. Something is going wrong, but what? - Read more

MAP packed chips
25 August 2016 - You take each side of the bag between thumb and forefinger and pull gently, expecting the top of the bag to smoothly peel apart. But it doesn’t. - Read more

Choose an appropriate mixer
22 August 2016 - Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, increases the shelf life of a product and keeps it looking fresh and attractive to the consumer - Read more

30 May 2016 - The pros and cons of 7 types of food packaging explained - Read more

28 April 2016 - The leak issue in MAP is important for your product's shelf life - Read more

21 March 2016 - From water bath to a non-destructive system which detects any leaking gas - Read more

17 March 2016 - Pros and cons for in-line and headspace analysers in MAP - Read more

7 March 2016 - MAP technology has changed the food industry around the world through ages - Read more

10 February 2016 - Food consumer survey: Freshness is the key - Read more

10 December 2015 - Creep, bubble and burst... ensuring package seal integrity for medical and healthcare products - Read more 

Avoid waste due to manual testing
5 November 2015 - What is a crucial aspect of MAP quality assurance? We share some of the great insights that have saved other companies a lot of money - Read more

1 October 2015 - Want to get more out of your Dansensor® CheckMate 3? our 7 tips - Read more

1 October 2015 - Want to become a smooth operator of the Dansensor Checkmate 3? Our 3 tips - Read more

1 October 2015 - Want to avoid problems with the Dansensor CheckMate 3? Our 3 tips - Read more

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