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The early years
Dansensor Systems A/S was founded in 1982, specialising mainly in oxygen analysis for combustion control in systems such as power plants and crematoriums. In 1989 the company, employing a handful of people, was taken over by PBI-Holding, Ringsted A/S.

Now re-named PBI-Dansensor A/S, the company continued its activities from its address in Tølløse, Zealand. Following the 1989 takeover, product development began to focus primarily on off-line and on-line gas analysis and flushing in connection with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technologies used in the food processing industry. This new focus resulted in rapid growth of the company in the early 1990s.

New product development
In the early 1990s the company began to develop new products aimed at the electronics sector, and this soon became PBI-Dansensor's second largest market. This marked the beginning of rapid growth for the company over the next few years, making PBI-Dansensor one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas analysis and electronically integrated gas flushing systems for the food, electronics and metal industries.

During this time PBI-Dansensor continued to innovate. In 2001, for example, the company developed a new and revolutionary technology, an on-line leak tester. This technology can perform extremely fast leak testing on all packaging directly from the packaging machine. The leak tester was introduced at the Anuga exhibition in Cologne, German, where it received much attention.

On the acquisition trail
In 2000 PBI-Dansensor acquired its French competitor Abiss SA and the following year it bought a Swiss producer of permeability equipment, Lyssy AG. These acquisitions coincided with an expansion in the company’s product portfolio and marked the beginning of a new chapter in PBI-Dansensor´s history. Further acquisitions followed, with French distributor Dynatest SAS, which was merged with Abiss SA in July 2002 under the name
PBI-Dansensor France SAS. Over the next few years the company established subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and China.

Focusing on MAP
Until 2009, PBI-Dansensor’s technologies were aimed at several markets, including the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical and medical industry, the welding industry, the electronics industry, the gas industry and the soldering and semiconductor industry. Since 2009, the company has taken a strategic decision to narrow its focus and concentrate on innovating with new technologies for MAP applications. This has ensured that the company remains a market leader in MAP testing and quality assurance equipment globally.

A new era
In April 2012 PBI-Dansensor was itself acquired by the US-based, Nasdaq-quoted MOCON Inc., a leading supplier of permeation testing instrumentation, package integrity solutions and consulting services. To reflect the change in ownership, the PBI-Dansensor’s name was changed to become simply Dansensor A/S, adopting a new logo, a red arch symbolising a gauge to represent its continuing leading expertise in MAP gas measurement technology. This merger has enabled Dansensor not only to retain its leading position in the global market for MAP testing and quality assurance technologies, but also to provide an even wider range of products and services to ensure that the company continues to strengthen its position in the future. In 2017 Dansensor’s name was changed to MOCON Europe A/S.

In June 2017 MOCON joined AMETEK as part of its Process & Analytical Instruments Division within AMETEK’s Electronic Instruments Group. AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. For more information visit
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